Meal course and number of passengers selection

  1. Condition selection
  2. Schedule selection
  3. Information entry
  4. Reservation confirmation
  5. Settlement procedure
  6. Reservation complete

Please select a course.

The operation section and departure/arrival time depend on the operation date. Please check the schedule selection page for details.

Regional tasting Brunch TravelDAZAIFU BRUNCH COURSE

Regional tasting Lunch TravelCHIKUGO LUNCH COURSE

Chikugo Seasonal Special Course

※Time of LUNCH COURSE and SEASONAL SPECIAL COURSE will change from March,13th.

Please select the number of passengers.

Elementary school students require an adult fare. Please select the number of passengers including children.

Reservations shall be made by table basis. If there are no open tables for the number of people selected, you may be able to make your reservation by dividing your group into multiple tables. (For example: If there is no table open for 4 people, please try to reserve 2 tables for 2 people each.)

1 person
2 people
3 people
4 people
5 people
6 people